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  • Larry Carter says:

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    July 2, 2015 there will be a free seminar sponsored by lcartergroup and South Brevard County Task Force on How to interact with law enforcement on the street. This interactive seminar is for young men and women ages 15-40. (what to say, how to act) there will be a questions and answers session. Presenter is Larry Carter Retired brevard county law enforcement officer with 31 years experience.
    Date; July 2, 2015
    Location: Grant Street Community Center
    2547 S. Grant St. Melbourne Fl
    Phone contact: (321) 5917054- (321) 2835989

  • Jessica says:

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    I wanted to let Dana know that there will be a meeting with some DCF Representatives on May 20, 2015 at 1:00 at 123 Barton Road, Rockledge Florida. I was fortunate to meet an organizer of a grandparent group that end up with rearing their grandchildren only to have the taken back by DCF without the best interest of the child. The person I spoke to was hoping other media would be there. I think you could do more Justice to the issue since you have seen the poor DCF performance with children with their own stable parent. I hope you can come or at least send someone to bring attention to this failing of the children’s best interest. Thanks for what you do! Please feel free to contact me.

  • Todd Box says:

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    I appreciate the work you do here. This is extremely important work. Thank-you for doing it.
    I have written a book about the corruption in Brevard County and the state and federal levels. My next door neighbor is an extremely violent mentally ill triple felon pedophile that has not given us a moments peace for years. I and my wife are both handicapped. It is about the State of Florida importing felons like he from prison cells in other states and protecting them with the local police, courts, BCSO, FDLE, and other entities.
    I asked Representative Steve Crisafulli for help and he asked Sheriff Ivey to send Deputy Scully to my door who then told me who sent him and then he said “Representative Steve Crisafulli wants to know what the fuck your problem is”. I tried to get an injunction in the courts. I appeared before Judge Earp and he said “I’ve been called a motherfucker many times in my life so I am not going to give you this detaining order.” When we came home from court that day this pedophile felon was putting up a camera aimed into my 16 year old daughters bedroom window. I asked the BCSO and the Governor to have him take it down. BCSO and FDLE stood there looking at the camera and said it was not a camera. They said this to make me angry and go into a rage so they could arrest me. This was not the first time. So I wrote this book instead.
    This nightmare has gone on and on and on for years now. There is more. Much much more like the felon’s mother owning a pistol and he having access to it.
    To this day he screams threats at us that he is going to “get him a Box”. Considering he has 2 very violent aggravated assault convictions and a conviction for a felon carrying a firearm I believe him. He has spent 10 years of his life in prison and 15 years on probation. While on probation he was convicted for resisting an police officer and given another years probation which ran concurrent with his 10 years fake probation. Effectively negating it. They dumped him here in Florida with absolutely no mental health care even though they know he is mentally ill and extremely violent.
    The very secret Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision is the Federal Agency that brought him here and protects he and others like him with their rules they made up that have the weight of Federal Law. One rule is he has to commit 3 significant crimes before he is sent back to Georgia. The problem is Georgia determines if they want to take him back. Which they refused to do. With these 2 rules alone his probation is effectively negated and he knows it.
    He uses all sorts of sound to deny us sleep. His booming stereo, his car horn, fireworks, boat horns, etc… He does not work. One Deputy told us his mother was laughing about how he abuses us and she is his guardian appointed by this secret commission to watch him.
    Go spend the 99 cents and buy my book on Amazon and read it. I am only selling it for 99 cents because the information is more important to get out than becoming rich off of it. It will save lives. The name of the book is “Blood Bureau of Kidnap Rape Torture and Murder”. I am the author Todd Box. It is available on Most of it is very accurate. The part about the Swat Team is poetic license and did not occur. I just put it in there because I am very upset. I also let it known that I did that.
    If you want to save lives read it. One of these characters from the secret commission was transferred from Arkansas to Washington State. He got a gun walked into a diner and shot 4 cops dead. I heard that the families of those cops never heard he was a transferred felon. Telling the police about this may save some of their lives. They are not told by their superiors. I am working to get a registry of these criminals made so people can discover who they are and where they are. Right now when they get into the program of this secret commission they are removed from sex offender registries and never have to report to anyone anywhere they are a sex offender. This character tries to get children into his house enticing them with alcohol. Many adults have seen him do this in the neighborhood not just I and my wife. One night he tortured a woman all night then kicked her out of his house called BCSO and they came and picked her up. I never found out what happened to her after that. Every so often we hear screams coming from his mothers house all night. Like someone is being tortured like that poor woman BCSO took away for him.
    The felon is blaring his horn right now as I write this. He knows my son works second shift and attends college so he blares his horn constantly to keep him awake. He was doing this at 6 am. I call BCSO and they take over an hour to show up talk to him then leave. He then comes out screaming threats at us after BCSO leaves. They know he does this because my neighbors have told them.
    Our government is spending a lot of our money transferring these felons and protecting them. All the while children go hungry and homeless in Brevard County and Florida and America.
    I almost forgot he is allowed to use as many aliases as he wants so it took me over a year to discover who he really was.
    All we want to do is live in peace.
    Please let your readers know about this. Someday it will save someone’s life. Who knows maybe if those 4 cops in Washington knew they would be alive today.

  • Brit says:

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    Hey I would like to send you all a story, doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make it, but ive been sending this in to politicans, newspapers etc.. I want to get the word out for what I have to say. Will someone email me so I can share? thank you

  • Brevardsbestnews says:

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    I can not thank everyone enough,if it was you being here updating, on the phone with GoDaddy, answering my calls at 2AM, listening and encouraging me…thanks…RAISE YOUR GLASS!!!!

  • Brevardsbestnews says:

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    Lee Bice: “People got their ways of coping and I got mine.” To everyone who misses someone that is no longer with us…
    I miss you Pa, Uncle Greg, Sam Natile, Mike Brown, and Donald C.

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