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Ms. Dana Delaney Loyd, the owner of Brevard’s Best News was arrested by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office last week on charges stemming from an “investigation” into a “false report” to the Department of Children and Family Services concerning a child that is possibly being abused by her father.  Yes, the child is in the middle of a custody battle between her father and her mother.  So how did all of this start and how did it get this far out of control that the Sheriff and State’s Attorney are targeting Ms. Loyd?

Dana is a staunch advocate of “justice” and a believer in protecting children from harm.  She has been a strong voice in fighting the “good old boy” system that exists in Brevard County (and other parts of Florida).  She has challenged the Sheriff on his jail’s treatment of inmates, deputies being able to act however they want to if they are “one of the boys” (even promoted in some cases) and his desire to control all of Law Enforcement in Brevard County.  Ms. Loyd thought she had an open line of communications with the Sheriff, which she sadly found out was really only one way…. “Wayne’s way”.

She began voicing concerns when a representative for a mother, Dean Tong contacted Dana (from out of state) and told Dana of allegations of abuse towards her daughter, who is in the custody of the father in Brevard County.  Dana begins looking into the case and finds some very shocking information, information that in any normal Law Enforcement community would have led to an Investigation into the child’s safety.  An Investigator from another state (a POLICE INVESTIGATOR) even comes to Brevard County to testify against the father in a hearing.  This is AFTER the INVESTIGATOR conducts an interview of the child (after he received a complaint….how police work actually goes) and is told by Judge George Maxwel (in BREVARD) that his testimony has no weight and the Investigation does not matter.  Basically the Investigator is told to take his report, investigation and leave.  This is the short version of the incident.  Judge Maxwell would not even enter the report into the case, citing privacy concerns for the child?  Um, under public records laws information relating to a child would be redacted by the records personnel.  I think that is covered in pre-law, so what is the real reason for not allowing this very concise interview of 14 pages into the records?  Is it because Judge Maxwell and the father have a relationship, which rumors are very abundant of?  Is it that Judge Maxwell favors and is sympathetic to Child Sexual Abusers and Offenders?  He even has commented (quoted in the Orlando Sentinel) that there is nothing wrong with a little pedophilia.

Ms. Loyd is advised of some particulars regarding potential ongoing (current) abuse of this young girl and makes a report to DCF.  She of course is concerned that once it is discovered that she made the report of concern, she would be retaliated against.  She has recently called the Sheriff out on his corrections deputies abusing prisoners.  Putting mentally disturbed prisoners in positions of vulnerability, mocking them, physically and mentally abusing them, all while supervisors slept on duty.  The final outcome of that challenge?  The supervisor was promoted.  The Sheriff’s Office receives a complaint from some source about the DCF complaint and Ms. Loyd is investigated for allegedly “filing a false report”.  So, let us take a moment to analyze this;

  • The reports are all protected with the complainant’s anonymity being assured and only being contacted in the event an investigator needs to contact.
  • The father of the child filed the complaint which shows that he was told who the complaint was made by, which means someone violated the anonymity of the reporter. In addition, a reporting person DOES NOT have to provide their name.  Also NONE of the information is releasable under FLORIDA STATUTE 39.202 (except to certain persons).
  • IF an investigation was completed and discovered to be unfounded and this is the reason for the charge, then there should be a whole lot of other people being charged. This would also indicate that a CPS worker has interviewed the child and parent, if that is so then it would either be a founded or unfounded case.  So how did the father find out whom made the report, if he is the complainant (which he would have to be, since he is the victim and witness).
  • In addition in filing a false report to have what is known as probable cause to charge someone the investigator would have to prove:

A false report is a report of child abuse, neglect or abandonment or adult abuse, neglect or exploitation that is made to the central abuse hotline which is not true and is maliciously made for the purpose of:

  • Harassing, embarrassing, or harming another person;
  • Personal financial gain for the reporting person;
  • Acquiring custody of a child or vulnerable adult; or
  • Personal benefit for the reporting person in any other private dispute involving a child or vulnerable


39.205 (8) states: If the law enforcement agency finds sufficient evidence for prosecution for filing a false report, it must refer the case to the appropriate state attorney for prosecution.

Which means there must be a pretty concise report completed to set up Probable Cause to charge Ms. Loyd.

ON to the charge of Aggravated Stalking, (which is absolutely ludicrous),  only goes to show how intent on targeting Dana Loyd the Sheriff, the State Attorney and Judge Maxwell are.  She is an established News Outlet that was looking into allegations for an article.

Stalking is characterized as a pattern of malicious and willful behavior that occurs over a period of time — and more than once. While we often associate stalking with someone lurking in the bushes outside someone’s house, stalking can also refer to various other forms of harassment, such as: repeatedly calling someone’s home or place of business, vandalizing personal property, or even leaving someone unwanted written notes or gifts.

Though most have only recently made it a crime, stalking is now a criminal offense in every state. Florida’s stalking law defines the crime as repeated harassment that creates a credible threat of harm.

Dana must be pretty enamored with the father to take time away from her life, children and husband to “stalk” this man.  Or does it just fit so well into the final desired effect of the Sheriff to “make Dana go away”?  Hell, the Sheriff that had befriended Dana didn’t even have the common courtesy to contact her and tell her what was going on.  Her husband is even a Deputy!  The Deputies waited until he was at work, went to Dana’s home and arrested her in front of her children, not even affording her to get anyone to care for the children.  So this is how you arrest someone that you respect?  I have arrested persons with warrants that were career offenders with more courtesy and respect. That issue being debated, we now travel to the County Jail where the Supervisor makes an announcement that Dana is to be treated like every other F*($%*^  inmate.  So what you are telling me is that you need to differentiate between inmates and prisoners?  Well apparently that message was well received because it was followed by a Deputy posting on Facebook how happy he was that Dana (the anarchist that she is) was finally arrested, as well as a former Deputy inquiring if the “plunger” was used on her.

This whole thing reeks of influence and corruption from Judge Maxwell, the State Attorney and the Sheriff all the way through their little circle.  When you look at everything and realize that VERY FEW people are EVER charged with filing false reports and charging someone with Aggravated Stalking outside of a Domestic Dispute or Violent Stalking?  Pull the numbers and Dana is probably just ONE of MAYBE a handful.  These charges are known as “shut up” charges against Dana.  I just hope that the Investigators have done the stellar job that they outlined in their arrest affidavit. OH WAIT, the arrest affidavit was BLANK.  They wrote the charges and got in such a rush to get her in the jail on that fateful Friday they didn’t even prepare a proper charging document.  Must have been afraid she was going to run away or they were told to get her in the jail on a Friday, while her husband was at work.  This just goes to prove what happens to people that try and stand up for victims of sexual abuse and child abuse when a Judge feels that “a little pedophilia” is OK.  The Sheriff, the State Attorney and the Judge must be high fiving each other now!

I urge each and every one of you to do your own diligence and open your eyes.  There are so many holes and issues with this case it screams cover up. Dana has given the Sheriff’s office so many “black eyes” and called out so many ethics violations that they want her to go away and her standing up for a victim just sealed the deal for them.  Please support Dana, she does not deserve this treatment.  She is one of the most honest and honorable people that I have ever met and with a few more people like her, WE can make a difference for those without a voice!  Just support her by e-mailing THE State Attorney (Pam Bondi), your Senators and Representatives demanding that someone from the outside look at the ENTIRE case!  The victims deserve HONEST JUSTICE!


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    Want to read about how screwed up it is to report child abuse in Brevard County – read this web link

    Now that is criminal (above web link) – given Brevard County’s level of corruption – Dana should be given a medal and the keys to the county.

  • Ja says:

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    I absolutely love you Dana and remember even Rosa Parks got arrested!! This is the Sheriffs Office M.O. when someone sues them or speaks out against them they later get arrested usually in the same year. Your not the first. When I worked for BCSO I was seeking out legal advice on filing a lawsuit against them and their sexist treatment towards woman who work for them and for sexual harassment. I was adviced by a supervisor that not only would I be fired but I would get arrested too. The following week another supervisor accused me of negligence on my job….. I tried to appeal it but every supervisor I appealed too wouldn’t even make eye contact with me and/or defend me. When I took my complaint further it was revealed to me by Chief Lewis that I was labelled a problem by the first supervisor that I had complained about in the first place as a bad employee and needed to be fired. Chief Lewis was in my face cursing at me, made even more false accusations towards me and when I started to cry he laughed at me. I quit my job two days later because he said that he would find any reason to fire me and if I fought it that I would be arrested. All of this because I made one complaint against one supervisor who was harassing me. It’s scary, I was scared and I ran with my tail between my legs because unlike you Dana I’m not strong and I don’t have family surrounding me who love and support me. But I love what you do and I pray that you don’t give up the fight. Maybe one day I could be as brave as you to stand strong but for now I hide and post things anonymously. But just know that people out there know that BCSO is corrupt and that we are sending love and support your way.

    • Brevardsbestnews says:

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      My goodness, what a beautiful comment, and I thank you so much for taking the time to send it. I want you and others to know, that I am not always as strong as people think I am, but I am smart enough to know that I come from a family of strong women, and it has taken me a long time to realize how truly blessed that I am. My mom and her mom her are the strongest women I know, and if I got a smidgen of strength from each of them, I will be all right.

      I am so sorry for the pain that you endured, it is heart breaking, and wrenching, and sometimes, as I have learned in life, it is what we do with the situations that we are put in during our lives, turn them into a positive in helping others.

      Thanks again for commenting, but more importantly, thanks for reading Brevard’s Best News! People like you keep me going!!

      All the Best,

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