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Maybe I look at things differently…I know there were some upset people in reference to BBN2 releasing the “sleeping beauty” photo, yet I still stand by my decision, as I think people for the most part can take a joke, and healthy people are able to laugh at themselves. I was naming one person who had been captured on camera, not an entire agency.

But when the mainstream media ┬ádecides to write a story to get more sensationalism and “doctors up a headline” it is sad, especially when it involves a father who puts on the green every day “protect and serve” our county.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office released this Press Release:NR 15 – 52 Berry Homicide arrests

over the weekend…soon the story spread, and headlines were as follows:

Daughter of Brevard County deputy among 4 arrested in homicide

Posted: Jun 07, 2015 5:56 PM EDTUpdated: Jun 08, 2015 7:34 AM EDT


The headline was so bothersome to me, I wanted to talk about it…

I do not know Deputy Hudgens, I am assuming he works for the Sheriff’s Department still, and I do know know why he had to be brought in to this story. His daughter has been charged with a horrific crime and I can only assume that as a parent this has been hard on him, it should be no reflection on his job…I mean if he was a mechanic would the headline have been Daughter of Mechanic….?

This, I hope is a lesson to be learned, we can no more hold Deputy Hudgen’s responsible for what his grown adult daughter has been accused of doing, then anyone can blame my husband or family members accountable for anything I do!

I can only imagine what the families are dealing with, and I am sorry for the tragedy that has been placed in all of the families lives…stay strong.

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  • Rodney Richter says:

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    I can only come up with one word, PERCEPTION. Anytime a family member of an agency is involved in something that is not right or even downright horrific, human beings will jump on it. I would not have known the young lady was a daughter of Hudgens had I not read it. What bearing does her actions have on BCSO or even her dad. You can raise children correctly but when they are on their own…they are on their own. They make decisions. The decision they make can be a bad one and come with bad consequences. It’s a time where anything that can smear the police in some way will be done. Now if it is something that happens within the department (no matter which department) and it affects what the department is perceived as then it should be dealt with and not covered up. The deputy is not responsible for a child that has become
    an adult capable of making their own decisions right or wrong. I probably will get some flak from others that disagree but I don’t care. I am a father and grandfather with almost 63 years on this planet, 3 children and 7 grandchildren. The children do not come with instruction manuals. I feel bad for all parties concerned because this affects a multitude of people.

    • Brevardsbestnews says:

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      I could not agree more… I have made some decisions that I am confident my folks are not proud of, although the older I get, the smarter they always are…and now that I have children, they are right up there with Einstein. With that being said, I just don’t like other attacks on the BCSO from anyone else….ya know?

    • Linda Ciolfi says:

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      Well said. I agree 100%. Thank You for speaking up

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