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Maggie                           (Click on Sergeant Maggie’s picture to hear my dedication)

Sergeant Brock Maggie releases inmate too soon….

On Thursday, April 10, 2014 (B night squad) Marisa Courtemanche was released from the Brevard County Jail by Sergeant Brock Maggie. Sounds like the story should stop there, right? Well, sadly, that is where it begins. Marisa was released on the wrong day. It is unclear how  she was placed back into custody, however, there are no warrants or 923’s ( arrest reports) that I can find. However, I was able to find that she was booked back into the jail on 4/11/14. Is this a big deal?

Well, now let me introduce to you Michael Anthony Galmore. Galmore was born in 1962, and has been classified by the state of Florida as a “Career Offender.” He was released on or about 2/19/14. According to one of his family members, Sergeant Lough walked him out of the jail. Sergeant Lough works on B nights as well.

michael galmore 001The above document was signed by Judge Roberts on February 26, 2014, authorizing Galmore to be taken back into custody. If you notice line C, it says the Brevard County Jail on or about February 19, 2014 inadvertently released Galmore. Galmore was picked back up on February 27, 2014 by a Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputy.

He was on the streets for about a week.

My first question, is how off is the jail’s record keeping system to not be able to quickly ascertain an exact date of release?

Eventually Galmore will be released. I do not like labels on people, until I know what they did, therefore, I am not claiming that I am afraid of  him to be on the streets, I am concerned more that the public did not know he was wrongly released.

I would have to say, I am so thankful that the Brandon Bradley case is over, for the most part, we need to hear from the Judge again in June. What upsets me to know end, is that we had two Sergeants from the Brevard County Jail that were crucified in the public eye for an alleged bad release of Bradley.

I have said from the beginning I was not comfortable in blaming the two sergeants, (those being Sergeant Clifford Ferguson, and Sergeant Darryl McCullough) for Bradley’s release, as that was an error by another agency, and these two sergeants were left holding the bag. Both Sergeants received a two week unpaid suspension, if memory serves me correctly.

So, one must ask the question: Bad releases, will they happen? I would have to say yes based on the fact that we are human, and humans make mistakes. We have had three bad releases since Bradley that I am aware of. Why is the public not made aware? Do we wait for another tragic incident? Why are some Sergeants punished severely, while others are protected and receive no punishment? Is it because the higher ups will “Cover Me” for some employees if the employees are liked?

Is it based on the color of one’s skin? Hair color? (Red heads seem to have a hard time being loved within BCSO, well, at least this one does.) Man? Woman? Who an employee  supported during elections? Who’s name they had plastered on their vehicle?

It has got to be something, and I am asking for the readers to help me put my finger on it.

Talk to me, but you don’t have to cover me.


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  • Marisa C. says:

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    Hello i would like to share my story as to what really happened. I am the girl that this story was about. First and foremost i would like to say that i made mistakes and ended up being incarcareted. I did serve my time and have since successfully completed all that was required. I paid my debt to society. In no way shape or form am i a violent offender or a career criminal. I was county sentenced on a violation of probation charge and that had me scheduled to be released on April 14,2014. However, i got into some trouble and got new charges. I had a court date on April 10,2014 which was for an early resolution so i could be finished with going through the courts as yes they do make many mistakes. I was not supposed to be released on April 10th after my court date even though i accepted the early resolution i still had 4 more days to serve out on my violation of probation charge which when i got the new charges it automatically gave me a violation of probation.I told them as they were releasing me at midnight that night that i was supposed to be released on the 14th. The next day i did all that was required of me i reported to probation that morning and went on about getting my life back together. A few hours later i was called to go back to the probation office because they needed to go over some of my paperwork with me after i was already there and was told i would need to come in on the following Monday to go over my court orders and paperwork. So as soon as i recieved the phone call to come back there i had a feeling something wasnt right. When i arrived back to the probation office the sargeant for the next shift was there with another c/o from the jail. i was treated as though i had done something wrong even after i told them i was not supposed to be released for another 4 days. There was no warrants out for me and no paperwork from any judge they simply did not read my court paperwork correctly and released me. They took me back to the jail and re booked me as though i did something wrong. That was not the 1st time they have messed up on my paperwork another time i went to court and had all the signed paperwork was supposed to be released and i never got released that day even though they forgot to take me to court that morning thank god i had a paid lawyer because he got another hearing at the jail so i could be released. I’ve learned my lesson and succesfully completed all that was required to be finished with the entire judicial system. Moral of the story is don’t make the mistake and get into any trouble it’s not worth the trouble and mess that the brevard courts already are.

  • Toni says:

    Firefox 28.0 Windows 7

    Wow! This is very interesting. On Oct. 3, 2013 I called the police because of unauthorized charge on my bank account and filed a report as well as my mother had a charge also on her card. My 18 year old son had done this, so we wanted to press charges. The officer reluctantly took our statements stating that the amounts were so small that nothing would be done about it and called in to see if he could finish the reports in the morning and was told okay. I asked if he wanted me to go to the store to see if there was surveillance from when my son used my Mom’s card and he responded, “No. We will do that.” I then follow up the next week with the crimes unit and they never received the report until one week later when I received a call from the Detective who informed me that they did receive the file but she would be able to look at it because she had training and wouldn’t be back until the following Tuesday. Well by the time they got to the store they found no video at gas pump or witnesses and that case was dropped. But the charge on my card was for Domino’s Pizza and we could go forth and the case would be sent to State Attorney’s Office. That took another two weeks for them to receive it. Meanwhile my son has progressed to committing the felonies that got him arrested. I feel the system failed me and him this way. My son was arrested on Nov. 17, 2013 on felony theft and other charges. He, in the process got a few officers angry. The head Detective and the State Attorney on the case seemed as if an example was to be made of this young man…to the extreme. In addition while he is in jail nothing has been done about my misdemeanor charge; nothing when I called and nothing on the clerk’s website. Then all of a sudden on the day he is released he is told (by head Detective) that there is a summons for him on lo and behold the misdemeanor case! It magically appeared on the website also. Here’s the kicker – the state has filed the document with the filing date of Oct. 1, 2013!! I never made a report until Oct. 3, 2013!! Things that make you go hmmm…..

    • Brevardsbestnews says:

      MSIE 7.0 Windows

      Thank you for reading, and thank you even more for commenting! I am sorry with what has gone in with your son, and I hope he gets the help that you were trying to get for him in the beginning. Did you deal with the Sheriff’s Department or a local Police Department? if I were you, I would file a complaint, and or contact with Sheriff Wayne Ivey and or State Attorney Phil Archer. The two of them run a program focused on “Being a Parent or Take Back Parenting” and it sounds like you were doing what you were supposed to do.

      If I can help in anyway, feel free to email me at BBN@brevardsbestnews.com


  • James W. says:

    Firefox 28.0 Windows

    Once a person is released they are no longer under the authority of the jail. If in fact this was the case then every defendant released would have to worry that a jail c/o would show up at some point and re-arrest them. This appears more and more to look like a conspiracy between the brass that gave the illegal order, the c/o that made the arrest and the probation officer that lured the girl to the office. Furthermore, they are falsifying public records by omission to make it look as if this girl never left custody. The jail seems to have a real problem doing what is right, instead doing what it takes to make things go away. The c/o that made the arrest kidnapped this girl and denied her of her due process rights. I think she should contact Morgan & Morgan for a payday. If the brass was more interested in doing their job properly than sneaking around having sex with the female officers and receptionists the jail might actually start to run more efficiently.

  • Rodney Richter says:

    Unknown Windows 7

    Can anyone tell me if the Lt’s stopped checking the Sgts release packages? The Sgts use to check the packages and then turn them over to the Lt. to check their work. Just wondering…It doesn’t hurt to double check each other. Is it a system problem? Is it a training problem? Is it a leadership problem on the squad? Who has the most bad releases? How many bad releases in a year? Maybe there is a training problem regarding booking training for supervisors..I don’t know.

  • Firefox 24.0 Ubuntu;

    Just another example of “different strokes for different folks”.

    However, my larger concern is that the BCSO hasn’t corrected the situation of improper releases at the jail.

    Good work BBN.

  • Brevardsbestnews says:

    MSIE 7.0 Windows

    I have received several emails…Sergeant Clifford Ferguson was also demoted, because of the bad release.

  • Safari Android 4.0.4;

    When any person operates outside of the law we used to call them ” Outlaws”. What do we call them when they wear a badge? The same thing. The moment that a law enforcement officer or a corrections officer steps across that line they are no longer in the capacity nor status of their office. They are armed individuals committing a crime. And if the facts are proven in this instance then the man or woman who kidnapped this woman should be charged with the Federal charge of kidnapping or false imprisonment. But we all know this will never happen. Goons do not just wear Nazi uniforms, sometimes there is a star on their chest.

    • Brevardsbestnews says:

      MSIE 7.0 Windows


      Thanks for commenting!! As someone I respect a great deal, I now believe more then ever, that this is serious. I mean I knew it was serious, now we ask, how do we address, and fix the problem. Sometimes when things are swept under the rug, the opportunity to learn something is missed, and that is sad.


  • James W. says:

    Firefox 28.0 Windows

    This administration as well as the last one have some real problems with honesty and integrity. If this was a bad release as it sounds like it is, who then authorized and gave the order for the girl to be arrested? Who arrested the girl after the release? I would have to say if there is no 923 on file then there is a cover up. If there is no warrant signed by a judge, there is a cover up. If a corrections officer went to arrest her then that is also a problem because that is called kidnapping as correction officers have no arrest authority. Even if it was a road deputy that arrested her just on the orders of jail command staff it would be an illegal arrest because they failed to obtain a warrant (due process). This whole thing stinks of cover up. I would now start looking for fraudulent documents to start appearing since this story has broken. Watch for a doctored 923, a warrant that is back dated and shown served as they try to make this disappear. Also, now that this is out start looking for the scapegoat that they are going to crucify (tip, it won’t be Maggie).

    • Brevardsbestnews says:

      MSIE 7.0 Windows

      I want to thank you for reading and commenting. I have found myself confused. If I am to understand the “pick up” of the girl, she was picked up at a probation office. The transportation van along with another jail employee went and picked her up. I do not know who put her in cuffs. I was under the impression of exactly what you are saying, however I was told today, that even though it was a bad release, she was still under the authority of the jail. I need to do some more research more, as I think the same thing, that she was kidnapped…

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