Mixing Alcohol with Emotions Can Change Your Life Forever! By Dana Loyd

Brevard County Sheriff’s Correction Deputy Ryon Rabello was arrested on July 21, 2014, charged with False Imprisonment. Share on Facebook Tags: BCSO, Brevard County jail, Ryon Rabello

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Please Meet Dr. Frank Fillaberto…

                                        Dr. Frank Filiberto is the President of AMMA (American Medical Marijuana                  …

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Do you See What I See?- Dana Loyd

Port Canaveral Structure 2

It has been recently reported that our Port Canaveral has entered in to an agreement with Gulftainer, who will then invest up to $100 Million in equipment and employees to operate a container and cargo terminal. Who is Gulftainer? Share…

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Port Employee Ordered to Remove American Flags…..by Dana Loyd

American Flag

(Click on AMERICAN FLAG to hear dedication to Port)   Dear Mrs. Loyd (and Americans),       I must say that while I am shocked at the conduct of the Canaveral Port Authority Management and Commission, I am not…

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Were the American Flags taken down from Port Canaveral during “Project Pelican” deal? by Paul Alfrey

Brevards Best News has received numerous credible reports that during the signing of the “Project Pelican” $100 million dollar Gulftainer deal in Port Canaveral, American Flags were removed from displays and flagpoles as to not offend United Arab Emirates royalty.…

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