Kovacs’s Corner:   Stars and Bars, Not What You Think

Mr. GQ....

  Watching the fervor over a flag and how a flag made a man kill others is very taxing on the thought processes of a majority of Americans.  My first thought is, wow, is this what you have to worry…

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Blood in the Streets-Part Duh by Dana Delaney

Will this accused ever have to answer?

Editor’s Note: All comments and references for supplemental reports will be addressed at the conclusion of “Blood in the Streets?” We last left off talking about Riley and I was then and am now,  always wondering if she is safe.…

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From the 18th Judicial State Attorney’s Office

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—July 7, 2015 Grand Jury Indictments in Brevard The Brevard County Grand Jury returned indictments in two cases today (Tuesday, July 7, 2015). In the first case, the Grand Jury considered the facts and evidence surrounding the early…

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From the State Attorney’s Office July 6, 2015

As State Attorney Phil Archer previously agreed, the Brevard media is being advised that the State Attorney’s Office has filed an information attached below charging Morgan McNeil as an adult in the events which occurred on June 14. A bond…

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Happy Birthday America!!!

God Bless the USA

Brevard’s Best News wishes you and yours a Happy and Health Fourth of July! Share on Facebook No tags for this post.

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Blood in the Streets? Dana Delaney

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  Sometimes, there are situations that occur that go from the ridiculous to the sublime that I sit back and wonder how in the world do people sleep at night? For several years now I have talked about a little girl…

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